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Lets face it, foreclosure information is public domain. That means that real estate investors can access this information any time they want, nationwide, with a little perseverance.  The problem is, the foreclosure properties investors are really looking for, are not that easy to find or compare to one another.  That is where Free Foreclosure Database comes to your aid, helping you find foreclosure investment opportunities that lay hidden across the country.  The top 5 web sites dedicated to supplying you with accurate foreclosure data have a lot of the same listings.  Most of these membership sites get their foreclosure listings from the same sources.  We do too, the difference you'll find at Free Foreclosure Database is... all of our foreclosure listings are all FREE... all the time.  

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Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosures Drop

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Housing Market and Near “Normal” Levels

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Foreclosed Homes and Mold

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 Florida Foreclosures Activities Contradicts National Trend

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Fannie Mae Foreclosures for Owner Occupants

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Flipping Houses As a Wholesaler

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Big Foreclosure Investors Poised to Start Selling Homes

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Purchasing Foreclosed Homes With Private Money

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Flip House or Buy-and-Hold: Which Strategy to Choose

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Tips for Financing Foreclosed Homes

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The Zombie Foreclosed Homes Inventory: What You Should Know

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Finding a Mentor for Foreclosure Investing

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Investing in Foreclosures in Low-Income Neighborhoods

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 Foreclosures Inventory Down More Than 37 Percent

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 What to Know About Buying Foreclosed Homes

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Unlisted Foreclosures Can Provide Inventory Relief

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Short Sales and Broker Price Opinions

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Appreciating Home Values and Distressed Properties

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A Simple Strategy for Uncovering Distressed Properties

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Finding Investment Homes to Buy When Inventory Is Tight

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Foreclosure Investing and Lease Options

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5 Steps to Wise Foreclosed Homes Investing

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 Florida Cities Among Top Markets for Flipping Homes

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Financing Options For Purchasing Homes Foreclosed

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