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FreeForeclosureDatabase.com announces it's new "Foreclosure Listing Management" system. You can now add, change or mark "sold" your foreclosure listings in our database. This service is absolutely free, just like everything else at FreeForeclosureDatabase.com.

Question: How can I get such valuable real estate leads for free?

Answer: We earn revenue through other advertising that you see throughout our site. The more visitors we have, the more revenue we earn. You linking to our site helps us with our search engine rankings in Google and the other main search engines. This in turn increases the visitors to our site. It also increases the number of real estate buyers that are seeing your exclusive ad and generating buyer leads for you. We see this as a win/win.

Question: How long do I get to be the exclusive real estate professional for my entire city?

Answer: You'll get to keep your exclusive advertising position, in front of our entire city, for as long as you keep our simple text link up on your website.

Question: How do I place the link to FreeForeclosureDatabase.com on my website?

Answer: If you are familiar with how to use an HTML editor, it's as easy as one simply "copy and paste". You copy the link (in Step 3 below) and just paste that simple code in the HTML of your home page. If you are not familiar with how to do this, your best would be to contact the person that built, or hosts your website. It would only take them 2 minutes to place our link on your site.

Question: Once my ad is up, can I change it?

Answer: Yes. When you register, using the form to the right, you'll recieve a username and password to enter our private members area. You'll be able to change your ad, or your photo image any time, and as often, as you would like.

Question: Is it easy to upload my photo?

Answer: Very. Once you are logged into our private members area, all you do is simply click on the "Browse" button to search for your photo on your computer and then click the "Update Profile" button. You'll use the same page to change your photo image any time you would like.

Question: What if I don't see my "Advertising City" in the dropdown listbox of the registration form?

Answer: That city is already taken by another real estate professional. You should grab your second choice for the city you want to be in front of before it is taken as well.


Leslie DeLuca

Leslie DeLuca, REAL ESTATE BROKER LICENSE #01364722 Leslie Ann DeLuca, is a Monterey County Real Estate Broker who provides home owners and buyers with a decade of professional experience in the real estate industry. Born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula, Leslie comes from a real estate and construction family and grew up watching and learning from her parent’s success in real estate development. She developed a passion for the business and finds it extremely rewarding to help people live the American Dream. Her family roots in Monterey date back to the Sardine days on Cannery Row providing her with a deep understanding of the history, people, culture and quality of life of the magnificent Monterey Peninsula. This is an opportunity for clients to gain firsthand knowledge of all of the amenities, and different characteristics of the different communities within the Peninsula. She uses this insight to match clients with properties which are most ideal for their family, life style and needs. Those relocating to the area are assured of working with someone who knows the area well and can answer questions with a rare and intimate account. Leslie works diligently to keep informed on current real estate trends and laws and current issues within the community to so she can pass on the information to clients to help them in making important decisions. Leslie feels it is her responsibility to make sure clients have up to date information on the industry and local news. Her standards of service are a high priority and she makes a point to understand each individuals needs so that she can provide counsel pertinent to their situation. Leslie’s business is built on referrals, and repeat client business. Leslie explains her passion for building long-term relationships with people and becoming their real estate consultant for life. “I want every prospect to walk in a stranger and walk away feeling that they have just talked to a trusted friend.” If I provide exceptional service for each client, they will become raving fans and have confidence to put their friends and family in my hands. I think everyone has an invisible sign around their neck that say’s “make me feel special.” My goal is to make each client feel as if they are my “best” client. Leslie has extensive marketing experience, masterful negotiation skills, and stays on top of the transaction to provide smooth sailing Services include buyer and seller representation, relocation assistance, real estate investment, property management and vacation rentals, short sale and reo transactions as well as broker price opinions. She graduated from Robert Louis Stevenson School in Pebble Beach and The University of Southern CA in Los Angeles. Leslie’s interests include theatre and music, travel and cooking. AREAS OF RECENT SALES: Pebble Beach Las Palmas Ranch Monterey Salinas Monterey Hiway Salinas Prunedale Seaside Marina Del Rey Oaks Carmel Carmel Valley


670 Parcel St
Monterey, CA 93940

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