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Finding thousands of foreclosed homes for sale in our database is easy.  Buy a bank foreclosed home for sale and make it your own or flip for a substantial profit.  Our free foreclosure listings database has a variety of foreclosed properties for any budget you have.

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Getting Motivated Sellers to Call You, Asking the Right Questions (Part 2)

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Buying Real Estate, Inspecting Foreclosed Homes for Mold

Anyone buying real estate should have a basic understanding of mold and possess the ability to determine if a property has a mold problem. [read more...]

Seven Steps to Making Your Rental Units Energy Efficient

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Foreclosed Homes, Bulk Buying Hurt Small Real Estate Investors and Local Markets

However, small investors now must compete with institutional investors for the available foreclosed homes inventory.[read more...]

Foreclosed Homes Inventory Down, Prices Up

The foreclosed homes inventory has dropped in the last few months at a time when more homebuyers and investors. [read more...]

Las Vegas Among Top Markets for Real Estate Investors

After the market collapsed, many homes decreased in value over 50%. Low home prices continue to attract an influx of real estate investors who pay a median price of  $83,000 in cash for  the properties.[read more...]

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Foreclosed homes and bank foreclosed home for sale are our specialty.  If you want to purchase foreclosed properties in your local area, you can find them easily. If you know of a specialized area of the United States that you believe has a lost of opportunity, you can find hidden foreclosed homes in any of the 50 states, Click on the map above and check out our listing of bank foreclosed homes for sale now.

Right now, the banks are very motivated to move their growing inventory of foreclosed homes, so there's never been a better time to look for a bank foreclosed home for sale.  This includes foreclosed properties from the big lenders like Countrywide, Wells Fargo and Washington Mutual, just to name a few.  When you buy a bank foreclosed home for sale, you are dealing directly with the lender themselves.  Right now, they are very motivated to sell thousands of foreclosed homes.  This could be your big chance to purchase a couple foreclosed properties for as low as fifty cents on the dollar.

Finding a profitable foreclosed home is an essential element of a real estate foreclosure investor's strategies.  Our extensive foreclosure listings database includes almost one million foreclosed homes, including bank foreclosed homes for sale, foreclosed properties and government foreclosures such as HUD foreclosure homes and VA foreclosed homes. is the #1 free resource on the Internet for all types of bank foreclosed homes for sale.  You can also signup to receive email alerts for new foreclosed homes as they become available in your area of interest.  That is free as well.  Our foreclosed homes database is updated daily to ensure that only quality foreclosed properties are available in our foreclosure listings database.

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