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Foreclosure Investors Must Prequalify for Government’s REO Program – How to Apply

FHFA will sell foreclosed properties to real estate investors in move to help strenghten the housing market. [read more...]

Foreclosed Homes - Foreclosures Investing Tips

Performing the necessary homework on neighborhoods and exercising patience when investing in foreclosed properties pays off in finding value and earning handsome investment returns.  [read more...]

Fewer Distressed Homes Sales, Higher Median Prices for Investors

What was a classic period of oversupply has now become a matter of demand outweighing supply.[read more...]

Buying Real Estate, Tips for Investing in Rental Properties

Buying real estate to generate rental income requires investors to have a long-term outlook on the investment.[read more...]

Buying Investment Real Estate in College Towns

In fact, some parents take the next step and become real estate investors by purchasing large properties so that they can rent out space to other students.[read more...]

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