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Foreclosure Investors Must Prequalify for Government’s REO Program – How to Apply

With more than 3 million home foreclosures over the the past few years, the government has taken the first step to put droves of rental homes on the market over the coming months. [read more...]

Foreclosed Homes - Foreclosures Investing Tips

When considering foreclosure homes as a source for a personal home or real estate investment, your patience and choice of neighborhood affects the final grade on your foreclosed homes buying decision. [read more...]

Attract Foreclosed Homebuyers, Become an Expert in Foreclosures

Consequently, many buyers who intend to purchase a foreclosure as their personal home and foreclosure investors will need the services of a real estate professional skilled in distressed property purchases.[read more...]

Seven Characteristics of Successful Foreclosure Investors

Similar to other fields, foreclosure investing requires investors to practice certain habits, actions and attitudes to succeed.[read more...]

 Real Estate Investors, Earnest Money and Consideration

As a real estate investor, you should use your earnest money deposit as a tool to help you preserve your transactions.[read more...]

Real Estate Investors: Five Steps to Raising Rents and Extending Leases

Real estate investors who own rental property know that happy tenants make their lives so much easier.[read more...]

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Foreclosure Homes

Learning the right way how to buy real estate, manage rental properties, and real estate exit strategies is critical to successful investing. [read more...]



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