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Foreclosure Investors Must Prequalify for Government’s REO Program – How to Apply

With more than 3 million home foreclosures over the the past few years, the government has taken the first step to put droves of rental homes on the market over the coming months. [read more...]

Foreclosed Homes - Foreclosures Investing Tips

The current homes foreclosure market offers astute real estate investors the chance to purchased foreclosed homes at favorable prices and terms. [read more...]

Buying Real Estate Can Save/Earn You Money

Buying real estate provides a host of tax benefits real estate investors...[read more...]

Real Estate Investing: Private Equity and Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors who have paid particular attention to the news lately, have heard the term “private equity” bandied about in relationship to the bulk selling of nearly 2,500 foreclosed homes...[read more...]



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